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Fleetnet-Coverage areas, t/g's per tower

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Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
I was wonderng if we could create a 'sticky' for the following.
There are a great deal of us out here, I bet there are scanner users that cover the entire provience.
Perhaps, for the benefit of us all we could all list which talk groups normally can be heard on each tower:

Dyers Bay-Covers the Bruce Peninsula.
Wiarton-Covers Bruce Pen till north of Ferndale, Covers N.Grey & Bruce Co.
T/G's normally active 8224 or 8352, 8400 (Bruce 6R, S. Bruce 6I & 8352 N. Grey 6L are normally patched on one of these t/g's)
35344-London N MOH, Grey & Bruce EMS London CACC.

This might make programming our scanners easier for those starting out and for travelling.

I would be willing to submit this info to Mike for the towers I know if a sticky is not approppriate.

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