Flexible USB Adapter to fit the PSR-800

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Apr 4, 2004
Slightly NE of the People's Republic of Firestone
For those of you who own PSR-800s and would like to ease the wear and tear on the USB connector on the side, you might want to check these out.

Flexible USB Adapters 360 Degree Swivel Mini BM to Mini BF Extension | UB01-018XXX-002009 (UB01018XXX002009) | Distributed By MCM

While I currently don't yet have one I am definitely going to pick up a couple to try them with my PSR-800, my RAZOR Cellphone, and several other devices. If they do well with them I'll probably consider picking up a few more.

BTW, it is a pretty good site. Take a bit to browse around and check it out. (And... Nope! I *don't* work for them. I have, however, bought a few things and haven't ever been really disappointed. The very few times I have been, slightly, disappointed it was my fault from reading too much into a description and jumping to unwarranted conclusions.)
Not open for further replies.