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Florida Public Safety Agencies Expand the Use of SLERS

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LOWELL, Mass., March 5, 2008 - Tyco Electronics' M/A-COM business, a worldwide leader of critical radio communications systems, today announced that Florida's Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) has added a number of public safety providers to its rapidly growing list of subscribers. SLERS directly links subscribers to the state's 800 MHz communication system, allowing local, regional, state and federal public safety agencies to communicate on a single common network. As of November 2007, there are eight new SLERS third-party subscribers using SLERS as their primary system for radio communication needs including:

  • Baker County (population: 25,000)
  • Okaloosa County (population: 182,000)
  • Levy County (population: 38,000)
  • Union County (population: 15,000)
  • Gulf County's Sheriff's Office, Emergency Medical Service and Port St. Joe Police Department (population: 14,000)
  • Franklin County Sheriff's Office (population: 10,200)
  • CSX Railroad Police
  • Social Security Administration's Office of Investigations (Florida)

"SLERS has consistently and reliably provided our law enforcement officers with access to a shared public safety network that covers the entire state of Florida, enabling local, regional, state and federal agencies to instantly communicate with almost any first responder in real-time," said Sheriff Mike Mock, Franklin County, Florida. "Because of SLERS, efficient, effective communications between different agencies isn't an issue and miscommunication is no longer a concern during an emergency situation, which is absolutely critical to the men and women who valiantly protect Florida's citizens everyday."

SLERS subscribers include Dade County (population: 2.4 million), Broward County Emergency Management Agency (population: 1.4 million), Hillsborough County (population: 1.2 million) and Sumter County Sheriff's Offices (population: 69,000).

"With SLERS, third-party users can join a state-of-the-art statewide system with minimum capital investment and at a fraction of the cost of installing a new local system," said Chuck Lang, director of Florida Sales, Tyco Electronics. "Third-party subscribers can also join the system as interoperability users and use SLERS as an auxiliary system for direct communications with other SLERS users on interagency and inter-local talk groups. Either way, SLERS provides Florida's law enforcement officers and emergency responders with the most reliable means of interoperable communication available during emergency situations."

Florida's Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) is a single, unified radio network that meets the radio voice communications needs of state law enforcement officers and agencies throughout the state of Florida. The SLERS system is the result of a unique public-private partnership between M/A-COM and the state of Florida and accommodates more than 6,500 users with 14,000 radios in patrol cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft wherever they are in the state. SLERS consists of an all-digital radio network covering 60,000 square miles (including 25 miles offshore).

To become a SLERS user or to receive information on your own M/A-COM Project 25 system with interoperability to the SLERS system, interested parties should contact Chuck Lang, director of Florida Sales, M/A-COM at (850) 422-3377, chuck.lang@tycoelectronics.com. In addition, the state term contract for SLERS incorporates M/A-COM's entire product catalog at a discount of no less than 25%. This provides a full range of M/A-COM public safety radio solution options to the state and eligible users.
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