Florida SLERS (EDACS and P25 00A.92463)


Apr 26, 2020
Lafayette County, FL
This might be a bit of an odd question, or one not being asked in the right place, but as far as SLERS Edacs and the band its on 851-860, or whichever it is precisely, how do you determine what the stepping is for each LCN channel? As in, if I look at a channel that is 851.3725 Mhz in an SDR application, but my PPM is slightly off, how do I say, okay, that should really be 851.375Mhz because the band plan and system directly specifies that.

If anybody is wondering, I'm working on an SDR application that will scan through the band to attempt to lock onto SLERS Edacs control channels, but just scanning the band outright had me landing on the edge of frequencies instead of dead center, so I'd like to know if anybody can enlighten me as to what the proper stepping is so I can say land on channel x, nothing here, step forward 12.5 Khz or whatever it is, or say, go to the next valid channel, instead of doing a sweep every 5k or whatever.


NY/NJ Database Guy
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Oct 4, 2007
There is no standard band plan for EDACS systems. Any frequency can be assigned to any LCN. It's more or less a free for all in that you license whatever frequencies you can for a site, and assign them each to a unique LCN, and off you go.