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fort devens medical center

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Jun 1, 2003
Live Free or Die St.
Has any one had any luck programming the Fort Devens Fed Medical Center trunk system into thier 396t or 996t and receive talk-groups?? I programmed it based on the info below from the R/R info but it not tracking the control channel. Do I set it up for cc only mode? Wondering if maybe if the base freq listed is not correct and/or I don't have the band plan set-uo correctly?
Any help would be appreciated.

Federal Medical Center Devens System
Devens, MA

System Name: Federal Medical Center Devens
Location: Devens, MA
County: Worcester
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Sysid: 6406
Last Updated: 09-18-2004 12:55 Updated General System Info
Hits: 860

Custom Frequency Table

Base: 406.0000
Spacing: 12.5

Latest News Update Posted on 2002-07-26 01:26:12

System Frequencies
Red* are Primary Control Channels, Blue* are alternate control channels

Site Description Freqs
001 Site-1 406.95000* 408.35000* 408.55000 408.95000*


Nov 28, 2004
You are missing the offset, (as is the rr database), which should be set to 380. I hear it on my PRO-96,keep in mind this system has a limited range.
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