Fort Frances/Rainy River (NW Ont) & Toronto Patrol Zones

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Sep 13, 2011
Fort Frances, Ontario
So I haven't posted on this forum before because the extent of my scanner now is online, and so my question has two parts.

Those familiar with Northwestern Ontario (Fort Frances, Rainy River, the cities that border Minnesota across Rainy River), are there any known sites that broadcast activity?

I'm in Toronto near Dundas/Jarvis. I don't know what this area is really called (East Downtown)? Anyway I know this is District 51, but when I hear patrol zones on the Toronto broadcasts, I'd like to know what my area is, as well as the Yonge/Dundas area. As glad as I am that there's a TPS scanner online, most are patrol zones so far on the edges of the city that I have no idea where they're talking about nor does it really interest me. But it'd be nice to know when the patrol zone for my area comes up so I can pay closer attention.
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