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Fortunate to live where we do

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Jul 10, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
To my fellow listeners living in and (within 30 miles) around Detroit, our menu of listening is widely diverse. My 396 located within a mile of Selfridge, 6 miles from Macomb tower and two blocks from Lake St Clair, may provide some of the richest content available (anywhere).
I am fairly new to this endeavor but already have learned much.
As suggested in this forum, my latest use is to plug in all 46 MPSCS primaries and go for a search drive.
Into Detroit this AM, as I crossed Alter (East Side) the chatter began immediately. As I exited at 8 mile in Ferndale, it switched off.
Have gone to a RS 800 Mhz antenna - great improvement in Project 25 locally. Got to get back into Detroit with this new antenna.
I haven't really cared for living in Chesterfield. They are Project 25. I have found a reason to remain.
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