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Hey this is Justin and i just wanted too let yall know that im tired of been treated bad in this forum and again i wish yall would understand.
I Have Atusim i hope i spelled that right if i didnt im sorry but anyway if yall would just understand that would be great. if not then i dont need too be on here.
because yall just dont know the bad times i had in the past and i would like too meet some of yall someday and KE4ZNR I Already know that im going too meet you soon.
dont know when but i will and i cant wait.
and if yall need somebody too chat with just PM Me.
To The Scanner World
From Justin


Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Please do the forum a favor and quit posting until I can arrange a meeting with you and your mom...that way we can get your scanner programmed and we can keep the posts in the NC forum on topic...
Marshall KE4ZNR
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