Found out something interesting about the Grundig Satellit 800


Jun 1, 2020
upstate New York
The Satellit 800 has 70 Non-volatile memories – that store mode (am or ssb), bandwidth, sync and AGC (Fast/Slow) settings. It has four bands -- AM, FM, SW, and AIR, and when you save a memory, it, of course, saves the band.

I have owned the Satellit for years, but haven't used it extensively until recently.

There is a memory scan function on the Satellit, and I always assumed that it would scan all the memories, including AM, FM, SW, and air memories, that were stored, pausing on each one for 5 seconds.

But that is not exactly so. It turns out that if you select one of the shortwave frequencies in memory and start the scan from there, the Satellit 800 will scan through the shortwave memories . . . and not through any of the other memories. If you start on one of the air frequencies, it will scan only the air frequencies that are stored.

So, in a sense, the Satellit 800 has both airband and shortwave memory scanners . . . albeit really slow scanners. It probably has separate AM and FM memory scanners, too, although I haven't tested that.

Bottom line, I can load up the Satellit 800 with SSB memories that I want to check, and have it do a leisurely scan through them (although it will not squelch out the noise).

And that's not a bad thing. If you have a Satellite 800, you might want to give it a try . . . or maybe you know this stuff already.