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Jan 15, 2012
Hi everyone.
I found streaming software and I would like your input about it. This software worked for me for streaming my scanner online and my friend said it sounded good on his end. the thing I don't like about it is that it uses my IP as an address to connect. I would like your opinion about this software.
BroadWave Streaming Audio Software for Radio and Podcasts
Software to stream live audio over the Internet

With that download came
WavePad Audio Editing Software Studio Audio Editing Software Anyone Can Use
I like this for recording and has sound activated recording. this works great for me.
Your opinion greatly appreciated. And can anyone point me to a streaming software that I can use that dont use my IP.
I would like to use brocastify but I don't have a computer that I can dedicate to my scanner 24/7 and I also don't have my scanner on 24/7. RS PRO106 X2

Thank you.


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Feb 18, 2005
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Anytime you are hosting the feed on your own computer, your IP address will be the IP that others connect to.

If you purchase space on a streaming server like Icecast or Shoutcast, you will send the stream from your computer to the server and the server's IP will be what the listener connects to.

If you setup an account with RadioReference, they will provide you with free access to a server as well as decent software recommendations to stream your feed. The listener will access the feed through Broadcastify's server and IP address.

For a scanner stream there are better options than NCH, but I haven't operated a feed in so long that I cannot make any recommendations.
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