Franktown/Parker Residential Structure Fire

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Jun 29, 2009
Franktown/Parker Working Residential Structure Fire

South Metro, Franktown, and Elizabeth with a large response to Ruby Lane on the border of South Metro and Franktown's jurisdiction.

E273 is first due with a large structure well involved. BC41 has the command with flames through the roof on the Bravo side.

O/F DTRS Douglas Ops-3, Online

U/D: Units involved - BC41, CH182, CH270, E43, E184, E273, S41, TW45, BR43, M41, TN273, TN184, TN181. Defensive operations in progress with E273 out of water. Updated to a fully involved structure fire with no containment and some slight water supply issue. An additional tender is being requested for water supply. No search in progress.

U/D2: 20 minutes in with a defensive attack, Rattlesnake toned for 2 more tenders. South Metro also has TN41 en route.

U/D3: CH182 has assumed command. TN251, E253. and CH251 en route. An additional 2 engines requested with E181 and E46 en route to fill the role. 40 minutes with no change.
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