Freescan and RR db integration with Google maps

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Jul 9, 2011
McKinney, Texas
I searched and couldn't find a thread so here goes...

I love Freescan and use it on a regular basis to program my Uniden BCD396XT, but became frustrated recently while uploading several TRS and conventional systems for a trip to Alabama. I was going to be traveling along I20W in Georgia to 85S in Alabama. I had to constantly reference the RR Georgia/Alabama maps to find counties prior to selecting my systems from the import (from RR). My wish is 2 fold:

1) Make it possible to select multiple systems from the RR db during a freescan import. I'd even be willing to wait while Freescan queried the whole state db (conventional or trunked) if I was able to select multiple systems prior to my import. Maybe after querying the whole state, then maybe I could select the multiple systems + TG that I was interested in, still adhering to the 20 TG per system. Importing them 1 by 1 is a nightmare. The information is there, we just need to "ask" a different way.

2) The above wish is a band-aid. What I'd ultimately like is to select a route I'd like to travel, then query the RR db and import the relevant systems into my scanner. The import could be .996xt file with my multiple systems or better yet, if Freescan could integrate with the mapping software we could do it all from Freescan. Maybe the query string could use GPS data to match the 'route" that I want to take? I know the RR db system GPS data isn't always entered, but maybe the db could be integrated/overlayed with one of the public map sources? I don't claim to know how all this stuff works, I just know that I travel a lot and really like having my scanner programed with the systems I pass through. Somebody out there is smart enough to do this, we just have to find them!

3) Any ideas or suggestions?
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