Freescan to Sentinel talkgroup list converter

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May 12, 2001
Below is a link to an Excel spreadsheet I created to help me convert talkgroups I have in my Freescan file to the new Sentinel software for the BCDx36 scanners.
Even though it was created in Excel, it should also work in OpenOffice or other spreadsheets that can read .xls files.

Basically, you select and copy the talkgroups you want to convert in Freescan, and then paste them into this spreadsheet in cell A1. The spreadsheet will convert the Freescan format into two different formats that you can highlight and copy in the spread sheet, and then, paste into Sentinel. The columns highlighted in yellow are for pasting into a P25 only system in Sentinel, and the columns highlighted in green are meant for mixed analog/digital mode. The main difference being the "audio type" column that has All, Analog, or Digital.

If you are looking to convert conventional channels, you may want to check out the thread below for a similar spreadsheet.

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