Freeway Service Patrol Disposition (10-98) Codes

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Jul 21, 2009
GG, California
In addition to CHP, I listen to Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) as I found they are often the first reporters for accidents and roadway blockages (great to know while commuting)

When FSP completes their assignment, they 10-98 like everyone else in the radio world, but they also add a phonetic (Henry, Frank, etc.) at the end; e.g "I'm 10-98 Henry".

I was curious what these codes stood for so did a little research, here's what I found::

A)dam ASSIST (Another FSP tow driver assisted with any incident)
B)oy BATTERY (Jump started, repaired, cleaned terminals, etc.)
C)harles CLEAR (Hazardous object or debris removed from freeway lanes)
D)avid DRIVE AWAY (Vehicle leaves the scene prior to making contact)
E)dward EXCHANGED INFO (11-82 Parties refuse CHP report & leaving scene)
F)rank FLAT (Changed or repaired tire, rim, valve stem; or added air)
G)eorge GASOLINE (Or diesel added and vehicle restarted)
H)enry HIGHWAY PATROL (Assisted -- or relinquished t/c or incident to CHP. NOTE: CHP does not have to be 10-97)
I)da INFO/ASSIST (11-26 Reading map, non-emergency stop)
L)incoln LOCKOUT (Assisted with opening of a vehicle with keys locked inside)
M)ary MECHANICAL (Repaired vehicle component at scene; includes electrical system)
O)cean OVERHEATED (Added radiator water, taped hoses, let cool, etc.)
P)aul PRIVATE ASSISTANCE (10-97 or responding via cellular phone, shop radio, or call box).
R)obert REMOVED VEHICLE (Pushed it completely off freeway ramp using tow truck’s front push bumper)
S)am SERVICE REFUSED (After all means are exhausted motorist wants no assistance from FSP, and remains at scene).
T)om TAGGED (11-24 w/422 attached and safely parked on right shoulder)
U)nion UNABLE TO LOCATE (U.T.L. Or G.O.A - Vehicle, hazard, or incident)



Jun 7, 2004
Sacramento/Bay Area, CA
Does FSP use that everywhere? Or are those LA codes. I used to listen to them here in Sac as well. Boring, but good information. They actually had the best radio discipline of any users I would hear (PD, Sheriff, Fire, etc).
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