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Nov 15, 2018
I'm fairly new to SDR. Running SDR# on a RTL-SDR V3. Current interest is Military Air. I've been running band searches and logged (wrote down) several active freqs. Also have found assigned freqs for my area. Per other posts here I updated Freq Scanner (FS) to 1.4. I read in the users guide that FS "uses the database created by the standard Frequency Manager plug-in. The database is used to only scan those memorized frequencies"

So. I created a group in FM and manually entered my logged freqs. Before anyone says it, yeah, now I know that I could have done that from the band scans. Lesson learned.

Anyway, I now have a group of 'active' channels saved in a "MilAir Channels" group in FM. So, I go to FS, select "scan only memorized" and expect to scan ONLY those channels vs. a band or freq range. Unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem to work that way. Looks like it's scanning the range I'd previously set in FS. What am I doing wrong? Will FS scan a group of saved freqs? IOW, act like a standalone scanner? Do I need to use a different plugin to do this? If so PLEASE tell me I can export/import my list?

Advice and suggestions appreciated.


Nov 22, 2016
Have you setup a scan range like shown in images in this post?

You must define a range of frequencies to scan.
  • This must be the where target frequencies are located between. e.g. 225 MHz to 400 MHz
Do the saved frequencies (in Frequency Manager DB) match the step size been used?
e.g. If start frequency is 225 Mhz and the step size is 50KHz and a frequency you saved is e.g. 225.025 MHz then this frequency will not be seen in the scan.

General usage:
  • Select one of the scan modes - Scan only memorized – exclude new
  • Define scan range to use for scanning - See post.
  • Select the defined scan ranges as added above
  • Start SDR#
  • Click Scan
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