Frequencies For Montgomery County

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Apr 24, 2006
Hello fellow scanners. I just wanted to post this message to let everyone know what frequencies I have in my scanner for Montgomery County. I got this information from the 2006 Mr. Scanner FCC Database.

39.460-statewide law enforcement
154.710-county sheriff
154.785-county sheriff
155.370-statewide law enforcement
155.625-county sheriff
155.670-county sheriff
156.090-county sheriff
153.740-amsterdam police department
156.000-amsterdam police department
155.475-nationwide law enforcement
155.445-state police
154.680-state police
154.665-state police
154.695-state police
155.550-state police
155.565-state police
453.3875-amsterdam fire department
458.3875-amsterdam fire department
46.340-county fire
46.460-county fire
46.240-fort johnson fire department
46.120-county fire/ems dispatcher
46.160-county fire
46.380-cranesville fire department
46.400-county fire
46.480-county fire
46.500-hagaman fire department
46.220-county fire
46.100-county fire
45.880-county fire
155.160-county ems (amsterdam ambulance)
155.220-county ems (mid county ambulance)
155.265-lifecomm albany 1 & lifeguard 12 helicopters
155.280-ambulance to hospital
155.340-ambulance to hospital
155.400-ambulance to hospital
155.715-ambulance to hospital (also statewide ems channel)

I hope that this information might be able to help someone out. Also if you have any frequencies to add or if you know of a frequency on my list which is no longer in use or is out of date please respond to my message with any updated information. Thank you.
Not open for further replies.