QRP Frequency calibration, Tuning Question, Sound very tinny questions Ubitx V6


Jan 4, 2015
Thanks all in and advance for any help.
This kit I just purchased has had the”Reeds Mod” if that helps. These are noob questions so please be patient.

1. Its 200Khz off frequency. There’s is no AM radio Station to calibrate to. I cannot inject a tone. Tuning options?

2. Ive read that I can use the microphone as a Morse code key. I could use the solid carrier for tuning to frequency. Does the mic stay in the mic plug or get moved to the CW plug.

3. The sound from the internal speaker is as expected, however even with my bass enhanced headphones it is very very well entrenched in a treble sound to a level that its hard to listen to. I don't expect home theatre sound...lol But is there a way to smooth out this harshness.

4. Last point is that its a detailed search on the net to get instructions for this albeit a simple radio. Where are the instructions for this located? The only calibration method I found was a video.