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Mar 14, 2007
I am experiencing a problem where the feed is going offline often. This is a new installation of a feed, and, haven't had consistent operation with this feed yet.

The source is an Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS server using darkice 0.19.

It will not stay online for more that about 80 minutes before RR reports it offline.

It will come back online itself without any human intervention.

I've done some research in the forums and FAQs and wiki for troubleshooting steps, but, I haven't been able to find anything.

And, I don't see any logging that takes place on the source side for darkice.

I have a few ideas (firewall/router expiring the TCP session, etc) but, I'd like to get more information before wasting too much effort.

In general, does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting? Does anyone have any idea how to determine why it goes offline? Does RR have any other methods for troubleshooting?

My leading theories are,
1) bad firewall/router at the source end
2) problem with the source machine (rebooting, failing, etc)
3) problem with the broadband connection beyond the source firewall/router

I tend to doubt suggestion 2, as, the machine is actively performing other network/broadband work, and, has not had a problem with such for the two months it has been running.

Any and all help from the community would be greatly appreciated
Not open for further replies.