Friday 3-5 HF Air Band logs:

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Feb 12, 2010
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All 5598 USB: logged between 2130 2330 EST.
Delta 24 Boeing 767-300 en route from Hartsfield-Jackson Intl to Dusseldorf Int'l hand off from Santa Maria on 5598 to Shanwick pos report 45 North 30 West

Delta 74 Boeing 767-300 enroute from Hartsfield-Jackson Intl to Malpensa Int'l (Italy) with Santa Maria reporting pos 40 N 40 W at 32, 000. Santa Maria with SIGMET for 39 North 26 West.

Delta 126 Boeing 767-300 enroute from John F Kennedy Intl to Barajas Int'l Madrid reporting pos of 39 North 050 West with New York. New York advises to leave 40,000 to 36,000 and confirm when reached.

Reach 410 with both Santa Maria and New York reporting pos of 40 N 40 W requesting deviation due to SIGMET1 within "15 minutes if not before". 41 North 35 West hand off to new frq. 2964. Op. started to give mission number, stopped and repeated Reach 410. Have copied same male op. on SAM flights.

Air France 653 Boeing 777-300ER en route from Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (French West Indies) enroute to Paris Orly. Pirep with Santa Maria.

British Air - Speedbird 2036 Boeing 777-200 enroute from Orlando Intl to London Gatwick with Santa Maria Broken and mostly unreadable.

American 68 Boeing 767-300 40 North 20 West enroute from Miami Intl to Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) with pirep with Santa Maria..

Continental 120 Boeing 757-200 40 North 40 West Newark Liberty Intl to
Barcelona Int'l with Santa Maria.

11.175 Andrews with 2 EAM's. First; 6 count preamble with a 22 count EAM. Followed by same format different preamble and characters. 0000 HRS.
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