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Sep 5, 2003
The following was sent to me and clarifies some info in the Susquehanna Countyt files:

The county has just about completed their conversion from low band to high band VHF. The old freq. of 33.860 will eventually be phased out. The new system is a multi-site voting repeater system that uses 159.375 as the input and 151.475 as the repeater output. The PL is 162.2. The units do occasionally use a talk around function to run in simplex mode on the repeater output frequency. They also have five simplex fireground frequencies, all of which are listed on the radio reference database, with 153.845 being the most frequently used as fireground 1.
The county fire police frequency is 155.6925 simplex CSQ (carrier squelch, no PL). This is used frequently for traffic control at accidents and when fire police are helping with security at events, i.e. Montrose July 4th, Harford Fair etc.
The county does have mobile units and hand held programmed for the state EMA frequency of 158.835. Susquehanna County uses the PL of 162.2 on this frequency. Because the base station at the COMM Ctr. does not routinely monitor this frequency, it is not used very much in Susq. Co.
The United Fire Company of Montrose recently installed their own VHF repeater. It is located at the primary county repeater site at the fairground in Montrose and the input frequency is 153.950 and output is 159.2775. It is a narrow band FM repeater using a PL of 151.4. It is used as a chit-chat channel and for utility fire communications.
Several other county departments have licensed frequencies in the VHF band either as simplex or repeater frequencies. Clifford has a repeater now on Elk mountain with input of 153.755, output of 159.450, PL 110.9.

The county police use a repeater system with an input frequency of 156.090 and output of 154.725. It is a mult-site system that is PL steerable. The Montrose site is 71.9, Susquehanna Site (Pigpen Alley Mt) is 100.0 and Elk Mountian is 179.9.

The County EMS units use the UHF med system. They primarily use MED 9. These repeaters are also PL steerable with the Montrose site using 162.2, Susquehanna using 100.0. Elk using 179.9. They also have recently installed a fourth repeater in the northwest part of the county near Friendsville. I think this site uses 151.4.

There are four 2 meter repeaters in the county, 147.375 Montrose (PL-136.5), Silver Lake/Brackney-145.290 (PL 136.5), Elk Mountain-147.240 PL 127.3 and Susquehanna-145.250, PL-100.0. Brian, N3HPY also has a repeater on UHF at 447.375 with a PL of 136.5 at the Montrose Site. I have donated some equipment to him for that repeater.
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