Yaesu: FT-857D vfo scan in 2m FM does not stop

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Jan 14, 2017
Trying to figure out a frustrating problem with my FT-857D.
I am trying to do VFO scanning in 2m (144-148MHz) band. SQL/RF dial is set to SQL, the mode is FM, and TON (button A) in MFe is set to blank (ie, no tone encoding).
However, when I scan, the scan does not stop even if it picks up a frequency. The green light comes on, but the frequency keeps moving on. Even if I turn the SQL knob down, it keeps on going.
When I am not scanning, and just tuned into a freq, I can turn the squelch knob down and open the squelch as normal. But not when scanning.
In the 70cm band, on the other hand, everything is fine. Scanning stops on a signal and stays there for 5 seconds, as per the settings, and I can make the scan stop by turning down the SQL knob.
This behaviour still persists even after I do a [Home] [Pwr] reset.
Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.