Yaesu: FTM-100DR Receive Problem

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Mar 16, 2015
I am having a problem similar to the one reported by @Jimru on Jan 1 2020,
I think I changed a setting in my radio and I cannot receive from any repeaters that I have programmed into memory.
I first noticed that I was not receiving any APRS beacons when tuned to 144.390 (however I later found out that my beacons were transmitted).
Then I noticed it was transmitting in digital mode when I keyed the mic.
I pressed the DX button to get back into FM (xmit) mode but still cannot receive from repeaters, however I did try a handheld and the FTM-100DR could receive and transmit Simplex FM with the handheld.

Doh! :oops: Similar to @Jimru I have found my problem. It's been 2 years since I updated my memory channels and there have been a lot of repeater changes. When I got under the dash to get behind the radio to connect the data cable, lo and behold I saw the antenna cable was loose! Put it on, ratcheted it down good and tight, turned on the the radio that was tuned to a local repeater, keyed up and got the courtesy tone.
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