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Dec 24, 2008
Ishpeming,Michigan... A Yooper! "In Da U.P.&q
I know this is in response to and old post but I was listening to an old friend who has passed in 2005. He was the topic in our evening round table on our local repeater here in Michigan's upper peninsula.
His name was Gary Bourgeois and at one time had a technical talk show on Spacenet 3 channel 21. I found this archived on Friday Night Live - Gary Bourgois Trubute Page.... The first recording archived talked about this magazine and Gary was interviewing two people who fronted the magazine. It is about a four hour play time and I did not listen to it all.
There are many archival sites like this and are very interesting even though outdated! When Gary passed some of his ashes were launched into orbit but the rocket failed and that part of him fell into the Pacific Ocean.

73 Rod W8GRI aka poikaa
Not open for further replies.