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Future of NXDN

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Dec 19, 2002
Icom seems to have stagnated in further IDAS development. Kenwood is now offering DMR.
Is NXDN destined to go the way of the Dodo in the USA?
I'd like to hear opinions regarding continued investment in expanding a trunked NXDN system is worthwhile or change direction to a build a trunked DMR system. Which will give a brighter business future?


Nov 26, 2004
Pittsburgh PA
We still have a lot of interest from customer in NXDN and IDAS. mostly due to the clarity of the audio. 6.25 kicks some butt in coverage I buildings.

just my nickel's worth: NXDN/IDAS staying around.


I ♥ Ø
Jul 27, 2005
I can't speak on Icom, I haven't owned any of their radios in quite a while.

I do run a NexEdge trunked system and have over 400 Kenwood radios on it. About to add 50-60 more radios and an additional trunked site.
Kenwood recently rolled out NexEdge Gen2, so there is still active investment in it.
They've also rolled out the NXR-5x00 repeaters, including just recently, an 800MHz and 900MHz version.

There are cases where NXDN trunking scales better than the DMR options, although I suspect there will be an ongoing leap-frogging of the two.

Kenwood has been building/selling DMR for quite a while. They only started offering it in the USA a few years ago, but they've been in the market for a while.

Kenwood's move to offer DMR is likely (read: my opinion) more based on gathering market share than trying to compete against it's own products. Kenwood is well placed to take a seat at the big table, and has already in many areas.
Kenwood is going to offer Tier 3 DMR in the near future, from what I've read, so they'll have DMR trunking as well as NXDN trunking.

They are similar products and are aimed at a similar market. What happens in the long term (read: 10 years or more) will be interesting to watch. I don't see that Kenwood has any plans to do away with NXDN any time soon. Considering the railroads are starting to move that was in -some- places and they've chosen it as their standard suggests there will be a market for it for quite some time to come.

Like I said, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out, but it'll be a long term thing.
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