G2 Revolutions structure fire

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Sep 19, 2004
Iron Triangle Ohio... otherweise known as Fostoria
Findlay Fire Department have been on scene since about 08:45hrs this morning fighting a fully engulfed structure fire at the G2 plant on Stanford Parkway in Findlay. Smoke could be seen rolling out of the building from all over town. As of now they mostly have the fire under control, However the contents within the structure are all highly combustable and potentially explosive. It was a recycling facility that extracted alcohol from different consumer products. Additional information can be found here: TheCourier.com: Findlay and Northwest Ohio's source for news, sports, jobs, cars, homes For local residents tune into Wtol11 out of toledo. They have been providing coverage for the past few hours.

UPDATE: There are still several small containers within the structure that are exploding, FFD is attempting to establish better recources to battle the blaze, They are unable to fight the fire from the side of the structure.

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