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G5 higher frequency of out of range recently


Nov 25, 2009
Morning guys,

I noticed that in the past few weeks my G5 is losing range a lot more now. It would usually go out in range in two spots circled in red below. For the more southern circle it would be connected to the Bordentown site and for the northern circle I forget. Now it's going out of range in random places and for extended periods of time.

I'm using the stock antenna on it in the car. No changes to the G5 were made at all. This happens regardless of battery level.

The system I scan is the NJICS P25. Bank 1 is for all Troops A/B/C turnpike and all sites. Bank 2 is only troop a tgid and all sites, bank 3 troop b, etc.

Any help on what to do would be great. Re-enter the sites? Check to see if any changes were done to the sites or if some are now offline? I'm not too sure. Thanks

Bank/Channel 1 info:
Zone: Z1/New jersey trs
Receive mode: p25trunking
system id: DEC 922
WACN id: DEC 781824
RFSS/Site id (total 96):
1. dec 1/1
2. 1/2
3, 1/3
4. 1/4
5. 1/5
6. 1/6
7. 1/7
8 1/8
9 1/13
10 1/14
11 1/15
12 1/21
13 1/23
14 1/25
15 1/28
16 1/31
17 1/36
18 1/37
19 1/38
20 1/99

spectrum scan
1. 763.0-763.01..
2. 851.0-870.00

groups 3
1. njtp south 1687
2. njtp north 1689
3. njtp central 3329


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May 22, 2006
NJICS is reconfiguring and adding several sites. Depending on where you’re monitoring you may be in an area with a new site configuration and you’ll have to reprogram and add them. I know Bordentown is one of the sites changing with new sites added to southern Ocean/northern Atlantic.

Best to monitor the NJICS specific thread for updates.


Apr 3, 2018
Just to piggyback off Castor, I don’t know your area at all but if you’ve had a new cell tower in the area, could explain it. It will go out of range then back in range and out of range without you moving it. DSD shows the interference.


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Feb 10, 2019
Baltimore County, MD
When you say higher frequencies, do you mean 700 and 800 as opposed to VHF or UHF? The antenna on top of the G5 is only for 700/800. VHF and UHF use an internal antenna. If VHF or UHF is working OK, you could have a problem with the antenna on top of the pager.


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Dec 22, 2005
A few things to keep in mind. Scanning all the sites in the system is not going to help. This will slow things down way to much.

One approach is make a Zone “I95”. Within that zone program knobs with single sites. North to South, something like K1 Site 01 K2 Site 07 K3 Site 08 K4 Site 31 K5 Site 3. You will need to manually switch. Using knob quicker than buttons.

Then you might make one or two zones and have a few of those sites and not all the ICS sites. See which approach you prefer.

One Zone could be a North Zone (1,7,8) and have the same with a South Zone (31,3).

Good luck.

PS have you searched this group “cellular” or “desense” this can be a factor along highways.


Feb 1, 2004
Most of “Out Of Range” issues are system and or programing related . Unication products are rock solid on capturing the nearest TT as they are professional grade devices . As previously noted , and depend on specifics my G5 solidly locates a P25 P2 TT which is 25 miles away using its micro antenna inside my car with full sound and no background noise.
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Nov 25, 2009
Thanks guys, really appreciate all of the help. RR60 I do have separate channels/banks for south/central/north and I do use those individually when driving back in the afternoon. In the morning I run them all because it's usually very quiet and want to know what's going on up ahead.

I will go and clear out all of the sites and re-add everything. I saw that on the NJICS page they had a lot of updates to the sites so I'm sure that's it. Will get it done in a few days and report back. Thanks all.