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May 2, 2014
Hello i live in Gadsden and was going to buy the $500 scanner to pick them up but was wanting to know if you can pick up gadsden or Etowah on the system. Also want to know if you can hear school buses or the trolly system and dart. Thanks let me know.


Feb 8, 2012
Welcome to RR,

To navigate to the Etowah County portion of the RR Database, please:
  • Click on the "Databases" button in the big blue navigation bar.
  • Click on "Frequency Database" in the drop-down menu.
  • In the US map, Click on the shape of the state "Alabama" .
  • In the Alabama map, Click on the shape of "Etowah County".

On this page, scroll down until you can see the list of analog frequencies for Etowah County, the last one of which is
462.12500 / WQF775 / RM / EtowahSchBus / Board of Education - School Bus / FM / Schools
This seems to be a frequency you can monitor using an analog-capable scanner.

Also, at the top of that list, please notice that Gadsden and Etowah county share/use a common Trunked Radio System named Gadsden / Etowah County Public Safety,

On the Gadsden / Etowah County Public Safety page, please scroll down to the list of TalkGroups, and notice that in the "Mode" column, almost everything is listed as "E", which is the abbreviation for "Encryption". This indicates that often/always the particular talkgroup is encrypted and cannot be monitored by any scanner on the market, and might be illegal to monitor without written authorization from the license-holder/controlling authority.

It looks like no one would have much success monitoring that system, even with a new(er) high-priced new digital scanner. I might be wrong.

Maybe someone local to that community can help clarify what can be monitored.

Hope this helps,


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Sep 1, 2001
Huntsville, AL
Every public safety agency in Etowah County is on the P25 radio system and all are ENCRYPTED. You may monitor the volunteer fire departments on 453.850 and Alabama State Troopers but that is about it in Etowah County. Therefore, if you are wanting to purchase that scanner to listen to only Etowah County agencies then I would not recommend you wasting your money!
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