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Galveston TX FD Radio Channels

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Apr 19, 2005
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galvestonfire.com - Galveston Fire Department, Galveston, TX

Looking through these SOPs it seems that -

GFD 1 is the primary channel (this might be Channel A 1)

GFD 2, GFD 3, GFD 4, and GFD 5 are spare channels (used if there is a MAYDAY on GFD 1) - (these might be channels A2 A3 A4 A5 - all in Zone A I would guess)

Channel A 9 is labeled as "Public Safety" - it is used for Airport responses, and for waterfront responses

Channels A 14 and A 15 are apparently simplex channels - they are used in case of total system failure during a hurricane

Zone C is used in case of a Smart Zone failure

"Countywide Fire" is used for landing zones for medevac helos

Portables are - A for Captain - B for Driver - C for firefighter who sits behind the Capt - D for firefighter who sits behind the Driver

Maybe this info can help someone add some items to the database


Mar 11, 2005
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Nice catch, I didn't realize they had posted all that on their website.

GFD1 is obviously dispatch on TG 52656.

I'd have to assume that 2-5 line up with Fireground 1 and 2 (52720 and 52752) but I've never heard them use anything beyond those.

"A9 Public Safety" corresponds to Police channel 6 (TG 52368) and you'll hear animal control on here when no major incidents are underway.

I'd be curious to find out what frequencies are programmed for simplex on A14 and A15. However the TxWARN system held up just fine during Hurricane Ike with Cat 2 winds.

Galveston Countywide Fire is TG 55888

The portable assignments plus the district descriptions was helpful, thanks for the post!
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