Gaston County Search for Missing Man

Sep 27, 2018
Belmont, Gaston County 62 Year old male with Parkinson's and dementia has gone missing
White male, grey, Carolina Panther's, long sleeve T-shirt, navy gym shorts and blue/white Nike shoes
GCPD, Belmont PD, GCSO, Station 43 and 42, Gaston EMS, and YCSO (SC) Bloodhound unit are all on scene
Drones, night vision and heat tracing cameras are in use at this time
Reverse 911 and emergency alert notifications have been sent out to all residences of the area

Update 2004: A male matching the description has been spotted at the Methodist Church on Main Street. Unit's are running emergency traffic to the area

Update 2007: Reports of a male matching the description has been spotted on Armstrong Ford & S. New Hope Rd.

Update 2012: YCSO Bloodhound has arrived at the male's residence for a trace scent