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Gator Amateur Radio Club Activities

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Apr 13, 2016
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Here is an activity the Gator Amateur Radio Club in Lake Charles, Louisiana has become comfortable doing. This guy came to my house and acted like a complete idiot out in the street in front of my house, my 10-year-old daughter and my neighbors.

All because a year ago, after retiring from the Army after 26 years, I came back home and soon discovered the club here was a good old boy club, brought up the point that people can actually talk across town simplex and convinced a large portion of their club to leave the club taking away the much needed due money needed to keep their repeater on top of the Capitol One Tower which is about 300 feet up. Pretty nice real estate around here as flat as it is but hey, they're digging deeper in their pockets to pay for it so no loss right?

KI5EE staged a jam session on the repeater, drove to my house and falsely accused me over the air as being the jammer and gave out my call and address. My call still hasn't been updated in ULS and to this day this is the only reason they know where I live and the only reason KI5EE knew where I live because I gave him my address when I helped him and the club set up for field day. He didn't track anything. Since then this club has been slandering my call by using it inappropriately on the HF bands and locally on the CB and 2 meter band. They've filed false reports with the FCC and today they just elevated it a notch by sending this maniac to my house to scream like an idiot. This is a personal friend of AE5LB who absolutely hates me because I had the nerve to challenge his interpretation of the part 97 because he insists System Fusion is illegal and the FCC didn't know what they were doing when they approved its use.

Reported to the police and the DA is considering if it was really a death threat. Probably not but to be screaming like this representing your club definitely appears to be psychotic. People, this is why the hobby is dying and people have such a bad impression of the hobby. After posting this to YouTube these idiots were on the air accusing me of being a terrorist. I kid you not! I have it recorded with my Radio Shack Scanner! Make this man famous by sharing it please.






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Jul 18, 2004
Brownsburg, Indiana
This sounds like a local matter between you and certain club members. I suggest you deal with it within the club or local law enforcement, if necessary. I see nothing to be gained from discussing this topic here.

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