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GE M-PA Portable "NO LOCK"

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Mar 9, 2010
I have a GE M-PA flashing No Lock on the screen and beeping repeatedly.

I know there's a way to turn that off by pressing a series of buttons but
I cant remember the procedure.



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Sep 8, 2002
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That's a VCO failure. It may be possible to retune the VCO to lock but more likely a part has failed.

Sometimes it's due to the radio being programmed for one band and the RF deck is for a different band.

In any event, it will only be fixed by going inside the radio.


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Oct 2, 2004
Try reprogramming the radio with a test frequency and see if it clears.

Sometimes you can go through the codeplug and remove the offending frequencies. If you need that particular frequency then you will need to move the vco and see if you can get it to lock.

It's not hard but tedious, and requires special equipment to do it right.

The M-PA normally does the entire ham band without modification, but I have seen the come in some weird splits, and refuse to lock on frequencies that you need.

These are now cheap enough where you can look for another one, that will do the channel you want.

If you are talking about a hamflashed radio, then you will have to be patient and enter a frequency in the split, in between the beeps of the radio, again tedious, but you can do it.
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