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These comments were posted in the wiki recently (re the message in the wiki forum)

Bold textTo FEED PROVIDER: I worked in Coweta County and dealt with CCSO & NPD. I noticed that you asked for any comments so I figured I would help you out and some of this you might know but just in case, Coweta County Sheriff freq. is 151.1300. Newnan Police has a shared frequency. If your in or close to Newnan, then shouldnt have any problems. The freq. is 155.6850 which is also Jackson PD (Butts Co.)To prevent any confusion, I just programmed the CTCSS code. Also the same is with Coweta County Fire which is 154.2050 and Newton County's Fire Pagers are the same. And again I programmed the CTCSS code in to stop any unwanted transmission. Hope this helps and good Luck and thank you for providing.
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I really miss the feed...any idea when it will be back online?

Thanks for having it out there!


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