Getting back into radio

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Feb 22, 2017
Hello and I apologize if I am posting on the wrong forum I just came across this place recently from the reddit amateur radio sub.

I got my ham license years ago and really did not do much with it, I was more of a listener, mic shy maybe?

However, I just recently came across a few radios and have been setting them up slowly when I have some extra time.

I am located down on the coast and mostly just listen to waldo county stations.

Is there much to listen to besides the local LEO / FIRE / EMS type stuff?

I have a few ham repeaters programmed in but do not hear much on them except for the statewide KQ1L system. Are there any other ones I should try to see if I can receive?

I have been thinking of upgrading my ham license to general so I can get into HF but have been told this is a horrible time to do so because of the solar cycle.

Are there any other options for radio type things in this area or should I just stick to scanning the local stuff?
Not open for further replies.