Getting back into Scanning

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Oct 2, 2010
New Glasgow, NS

Looking at getting back into scanning and trying to pin down what my set up will be. I'm hoping to get some ideas from you guys. Some thoughts:

1) I like to search for active frequencies and then try to figure out what it is, add it to my database. Back in the day that was pencil and paper....LOL.

2) I want a set up that I can use in my vehicle, but also bring into the house and/or cottage. I'm thinking a Uniden 996XT but the 396XT and a remote head may be more practical.

3) Software that I can easily move found frequencies to my computer and organize from there. Further the ability to record audio would be cool.

4) Will probably want an antenna on the vehicle, but not able to put an antenna on the house.

5) I travel so I will probably want something with GPS capabilities. Being a Ham radio operator this will also help with repeater monitoring in various locations.

6) I'll want something that will allow me to monitor as much as possible (military, Air, CB, etc)

Any thought or advice?

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