Getting Ready to Setup for SDS Radio & Broadcastify Calls


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Dec 19, 2002
New Orleans, La
Getting all my hardware setup to jump into Broadcastify Calls, & I'm new to SDS radio. I have my new HP Windows 10 laptop, and it appears I'm going to have to use 5 RTL-SDR dongles as the P25 P1 site I plan to capture is a simulcast site with a very large 26 frequency spread covering both 700 & 800 frequencies. I also have a powered USB hub, and plan to use SDStrunk as my program to decode & send calls. Do I need any additional software or plug ins? Any suggestion for the 5 antennas I will need one for each dongle, can I maybe split the 5 antenna connections into 1 antenna? If so, which type of antenna? Any other suggestions, or things to loo out for?