Give me a list of all the frequencies you can recieve!

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Oct 10, 2015
Beverly, KY
Hey everyone! Hope y'all are having a good one. I figured I would starta conversation.
What all do you folks receive normally?

Mine are as follows:
155.06250 Leslie County Sheriff
155.43000 Leslie Count Fire Department / Emergency Operations center
153.27500 TranStar Ambulance Service (Leslie County frequency)
453.41250 Bell County Sheriff
155.32500 Bell County EMS
152.96750 Bell County Volunteer Fire Department
453.10000 Bell County Rescue Squad (Weak Signal)
151.07000 Middlesboro Police Department (New Frequency) (Not the best signal where I live)
155.64000 Middlesboro Fire Department W/ EMS (Lots of static)
460.12500 Pineville Police Department (Lots of static)
151.57250 Johnson Life Care Ambulance Service (Harlan County) (Lots of static)
159.21000 Harlan County Jail Transport
453.40000 Knox County EMS (Weak Signal)
453.62500 Knox County Sheriff West (Weak Signal) P.S. It's kinda weird that I can pick up West end but not East end!
460.37500 / 47500 Possibly Knox County Rescue Squad (Can't hear nothing but scrambling or whatever you call it!)
155.62500 Clay County Sheriff (Weak signal)
155.76000 Clay County EMS (Weak Signal)
154.17500 Clay County Fire Department (Very weak signal)
452.40000 Bell County School Bus Channel 1 (Weak Signal)
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