Glacier/Toole/Liberty/Hill: Can you hear us Canucks?

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hey folks,

I'm just idly curious about how far the Alberta (Canada) First Responders' Radio Communication System can be heard. AFRRCS is still being built out, but recently one of the furthest-south towers was turned on in Milk River, about 20 miles northwest of Sweetgrass.

As I've been able to pick up the Mt Royal site on MT P25 from within Alberta close to the border, I'm interested to know if you can receive our signal too. Admittedly, AFRRCS is 700 MHz while MT P25 is VHF.

Milk River's frequencies are 771.75625, 772.80625, 773.29375, and 773.56875, and it will come up as WACN 660C5, SID 05B, and RFSS/Site 018-018.

There's going to be a couple other sites much closer to the Hwy 89 border crossing eventually - only about 12 miles from the border. I wouldn't be surprised if there ends up being one at Sweetgrass (Coutts of course) if Milk River doesn't extend that far south.

Anyway, if you pick up any 700 MHz stuff with that WACN, let me know..
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