GMAX Power Enhancement Results

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Aug 16, 2014
It's a personage in and it's in all these products that everyone’s being exposed to it well the level for that low so it’s exempt from um having a warning if you notice sometimes when you go to a store and you'll see on crystal ohm it'll say that there's lead in the crystal on has a little sticker on it or you go sometimes too omega a restaurant with a bar in the habitat fine they're that says alcohol can cause birth defects that because a prop 65 well nail salons because they use the formaldehyde should be having that that notice there but arm it's been determined that it safe there so we don't have to have it however the EPA which is another governmental agency is saying that it's a probable came across the region so we have two different agencies that are kind of thing polar opposites one thing it's safe we don’t need to have a warning and the other thing up this is a carcinogen so you're going to find GMAX that a lot with the different governmental agencies that you've got the EPA saying one thing and the FDA thing saying something else and then the USDA think something else and you know thanks who are you supposed to believe whatever it okay baby shampoo.

Gmax Aviso - Não comprar antes de ler este!!!
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