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Sep 19, 2014
Bother with a full video production to featured Hefei

Stage LED "backdrop" also kept the replacement screen with the opening of the highlights. Swan Lake, the Lake District, Chaohu shore, Qingfeng Ge, Nine Lions Bridge, and Hefei Sanhe town etc., these familiar places, on the screen there have another round of scenery.

"Video Production is mainly with Hefei elements, and highlight the characteristics of hefei." Liu Wen Hao told reporters that the video design team, also from Beijing, "in addition to many large-scale events, they also often do the video for" Happy China."

Expose secret: lighting secret of "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers' Film Festival opening ceremony.

The famous British playwright, director Gordon • Clay said: "Light is the brush on the stage, the lights the soul of the stage." Today, it already from the early stage lights to simulate the natural art of modeling, rendering expressing atmosphere, create a mood, dramatic plot development bedding, space composition and drama character psychology emotional expressing and outside.

The lighting design team of the opening evening party specifically requested from Beijing. Evening paper exclusive interviewed famous lighting designer Liu Wen Hao, who is from the Political Department of the Navy Backstage, and he resolve the opening ceremony of lighting the secret to readers.

More than 200 professional "computer lights" Quality is the best.

• "Light is not the subject of art, it is the subordinate of art. Mainly from the party rendering and contrast this role, which is based on the program requirements and to determine the mood of the song. Both the film elements, and elements of Hefei, the lights are undoubtedly heighten this evening's biggest "bright spot." Opening ceremony of the LED screen extends to the stage, from start to finish, so that the audience can feel the shadow charm.

“We attach great importance to the opening ceremony of the show, so, the quality the lighting used is the best in the country." Liu Wen Hao said, "It used a total of more than 200 computer moving lights." As for what is a computer lights, Liu Wen Hao explained to reporters:" It is used on the professional stage lighting, and it’s named because it’s control led through computer programming".

It is reported that Liu Wen Hao led the team, has just designed the lighting of eighth Paralympic Games (Hangzhou) closing ceremony. "These lamps are shipped over from Hangzhou, and arrived in the 11th evening."

An air box of a lamp also put a sponge.
• Lighting engineer’ "open-air control room" facing the stage, and in the middle of the field behind the VIP seats. Countless button on the two machines, and a variety of colors which can not tell which is the control. The signal flashes on the computer screen, also let reporters dazzling.

"How much is such many light?" "It’s Very expensive! At least need tens of millions." A lighting designer being debugged told reporters. In order to put these lights shipped to Hefei, it all inquired professional transportation company, and just handling this aspect should need at least 30 people. "Each lamp with an air boxes to wrap, and some of those also put a sponge."
The real difficulty is the concept of design.

One of the highlights of the opening ceremony of the <a href=""> RGBW LED Moving Head Beam White Light </a> is a large screen, and it has been extended to the entire stage. In the background of the flow of light and shadow, it let the entire show even more dazzling.

However, when a reporter lamented this "backdrop", Liu Wen Hao reminded reporters that, it is not difficult to set the screen size from the technical difficulty. The real difficulty is the concept of design. How to embody elements of film and Hefei, designers think a lot of actions, and finally adopted a motion picture film projector screen to start as background.
And how to set the ratio between these elements, it also let the designers spent a lot of thought.
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