Good discone antenna


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Jul 27, 2005
I've got a Diamond D130NJ that I scored for free about 10 years ago, maybe more. I put it up on my house and connected it to a radio. I had plans to replace it with a band specific antenna after a while, but just never got around to it.

The antenna has held up better than I thought it would. Still works fine. I periodically hook up the antenna analyzer to it, and it's still showing as good as new.

Important part is to make sure you use suitable coaxial cable to connect it to your radio.


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Oct 4, 2007
+1 for the Diamond D130NJ. Well built using stainless steel. Do yourself a favor and don't bother with the model that has the UHF (SO239) connector, instead go with the better quality N connector and use some good quality, low loss coax like LMR-400 to get the best results. And as always, weatherproof the outrood connection properly using rubber/mastic tape covered with a layer of 3M Super 33+ or Super 88.


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May 18, 2008
Santa Ynez, CA
I have two D130NJ's and have been generally happy with them. Their claim to cover 25-1300MHz is false. The discone part covers 100-1000MHz roughly. The "N" connector type is a must if you want to use it at the high end of its range. The 25MHz coverage is a joke. In the low band range it is a base loaded ground plane and is cut for about 50MHz if you want to use it on 6 meters. It does not have very wide bandwidth on low band. Completely useless here in California to receive 42MHz Highway Patrol. However, with a 48" whip it resonates at 42MHz and performs reasonably well.

The trade off with discones is bandwidth vs gain. The all have unity gain. In a rural area that might be a problem. I live in a rural area, but have line of sight to mountain top repeater sites. Discones do not have a low angle of radiation, hence the lack of gain. However, that is a positive if you want to listen to aircraft. The discone portion will cover all air bands.

If you don't need low band / six meters you can just remove the coil and the whip. Since they have nothing to do with the discone it will not affect the antenna performance.

Use the best coax like LMR400. and get help with the "N" connector if you don't know how to attach one. There are connectors made especially for LMR400. Not cheap. but very good when properly attached.

Antennas don't care what kind of radio you connect.