Good Riddance Radio Shack

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Aug 20, 2012
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RadioShack to Close Up to 1,100 Stores -

Radio Shack announces it is closing 1100 retail stores.
Horrible news for us hobbyists?
Hell no.
Radio Shack stopped being viable 20 years ago when they let go all the old guys who used to work-hobby out of the local radio shack and replaced them with kids who worked for half the wage and who had no clue as to what they were selling....
Remember back in the day you would walk in to Radio Shack thinking about a new project and you could spend an hour getting ideas from the old guy behind the counter??
Remember when everything wasn't batteries, cell phones and useless consumer crap electronics?

Hopefully this will clear the way for a real hobbyist electronics store to come in and fill the gap that otherwise couldn't compete against because of the bulk purchasing power the Shack.

Radio Shack forgot its roots. It became a more expensive alternative to wal mart.
Sure, it will be difficult for a new brick and mortar store to compete against amazon, but I for one promise that if a local store in my area opens up with someone knowledgeable working there I will patronize it loyally.
And if it doesn't happen... well, at least I saved from the frustration of walking into a place I used to remember fondly and feeling frustrated at the stupidity.

Like when the Associate told me not to spend the money on a Home Patrol because he had bought an APP for his iPhone for $4.99 and it was just as good.... Or when the Associate told me they didn't have a 12v power cord only 13.5 and that wouldn't work... Or just a few weeks back when I walked in and asked if they any BNC adapters in back and all three employees asked "whats a BNC adapter...."

So I said Good Riddance Radio Shack. That was unfair. Once ages ago you were my place to escape to and dream and meet truly helpful like minded people. The cancer of corporate greed that gutted your soul was horrible and lingered... But you can rest in peace now. I will try to remember you as what you once were and not what you had become.


Jan 27, 2011
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Well said, sir!


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Jun 26, 2001
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