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On the trunking talk group display, I see DEC and HEX, which one do I use?

For Motorola and Project 25 (APCO-25) systems, all trunk tracking scanners accept what is known as the Uniden Decimal format, that is the DEC number you see in the Talkgroup display. The HEX number is the actual Motorola Talk Group equivalent of that number as a hexadecimal. Professional radios (such as Motorola handhelds) and the newer GRE PSR-500 and PSR-600 scanners can use them (as can the Uniden XT series), but other scanners can't. There is a correlation between the two, but this correlation is different depending on the system being looked at. Some systems use a different format all together such as the LTR systems (system-home repeater-talk group) x-xx-xxx format or the EDACS AFS (Agency – Fleet – Sub-fleet)

Quoted from Common Trunking Programming Questions - The RadioReference Wiki
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