Goshen County: WYRULEC


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Dec 10, 2015
At US > Wyoming > Goshen (County) > Goshen County Business , under Utilities, WYRULEC may be set up incorrectly. The license (KOA661) looks like:
  • (Loc 1) Larmie, WY:
    • R 152.4500 RRDB_R1
    • R 153.7100 RRDB_R3
  • (Loc 2) Lyman, NE:
    • R 153.5450 RRDB_R2 (s/b at Lyman, not Torrington)
  • (Loc 3) Torrington, WY:
    • B 153.5450 (base on RRDB_R2)
    • FX 157.7100 RRDB_R4 (this is a control; should not be a repeater)
    • FX 158.1450 RRDB_R5 (this is a control; should not be a repeater)
  • (Loc 4) Scottsbluff, NE:
    • B 153.5450 (base on RRDB_R2)
    • FX 157.7100
    • FX 158.1450
  • (Loc 5) Mobiles associated with Larmie:
    • M 153.5450 (talk-around on RRDB_R2)
    • M 153.7100 (talk-around on RRDB_R3)
    • M 157.7100 (input to RRDB_R?)
    • M 158.1450 (input to RRDB_R?)
  • (Loc 6) Mobiles associated with Lyman:
    • M 153.5450 (talk-around on RRDB_R2)
    • M 158.1450 (input to RRDB_R?)
So, based on this:

The second repeater in the table should be at Lyman (not Torrington) and there are two additional remote bases on RRDB_R2 – at Torrington and Scottsbluff.

157.7100 and 158.1450 are not repeater outputs, but instead are the inputs to repeaters (we don't know which), and should be removed from the table. Since there is an input channel missing, I'm guessing two of the three repeaters use the same input? (The only other license for WYRULEC is a 950 MHz link at an unrelated location).

Also, down in the Businesses category on that page, there is a dup of 153.7100 with an incorrect input freq 158.4500 (likely typo of 158.145, and what prompted me to look at it). The row should be removed.

Of course, some local knowledge/investigation would go a long way toward determining the "truth". :)