Gov. Taft?

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May 17, 2005
Gallia Co Ohio
Did anyone else hear him yesterday and the big test all over ohio? Or was i imaging things??

Oh and this was on the marcs system also.
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Sep 29, 2004
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W8OSP said:
Did anyone else hear him yesterday and the big test all over ohio? Or was i imaging things?? Oh and this was on the marcs system also.
I missed it. But, here's what one guy on the MARCS Group on Yahoo said.....

Re: Another weird MARCS catch

Must be a new DAS tg (such as EVENT-9?) as never seen this aff. here in Springfield and strange those units monitoring unless the whole thing was staged:-D


On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 18:11:39 -0400 Mark Meece <n8icw@...> writes:
Why is it I am the only to catch these................?

On the way home from work this afternoon tg 64736 became active with several units talking. Then about 2:25 PM I heard something like this:

"This is Governor Bob Taft in the EOC in Columbus to all first responders. Please check-in."

"This is trooper ________ from the Defiance post at the Ohio-Indiana-Michigan border checking in."

"This is _________________ of the Green Township Rescue Squad in Hamilton County checking in."

"This is _____________ Mayor of Gallipolis checking out our new MARCS system radios, checking in."

"Thank you Gentlemen for checking in this afternoon, EOC out!."

Now, I am not sure whether any of that conversation was exactly what it was supposed to be, as there were some quick comments and what seemed to be some tongue in cheek chatter after this. I know what Bob Taft's voice sounds like and I cannot say with any certainty whether that was indeed him.

About 3 or 4 minutes later two units came on with one talking about what was on his computer. The talk was rather casual.

All of this was coming off the Cincinnati Greenhills Site 355.

I am inclined to think this might have just been several DAS techs messing around testing something in the system in their own unique way.

1. Gallipolis (and I am sure Steve in Gallia County can confirm this) appears to me to run with a City Council-City Manager type government and does not have a Mayor.

2. Why are only three corners of Ohio represented? Why is Northeast Ohio not represented, since that seems to be the gist of this test?

3. Half hearted comments that suggested people were pretending.

Bottom line, it was just flat out and out strange!

Franklin, Ohio

Mark is CORRECT....Gallipolis doesn't have a Mayor. Plus, to the best of my knowlege, the only MARCS units in our county (Gallia) other than OSP, the Health Dept, SEOEMS and Holzer Hospital are at OUR OFFICE in the 911 Center.

I didn't hear anything like that today, but, I did hear the Techs going around all of the tower sites here in the county "looking over" the various hookups. I'm guessing that they were trying to figure out WHY the OSP's MDT's acted up so bad over the weekend.

I'd almost swear Darryl Anderson himself was on the radio a couple of times!!!! He didn't sound too happy either!!!

I did hear them talking about several things they'd found that needed fixed, but, not what the major issue here was/is....

I'd kind of liked to hear whatever Mark overheard!!! Sounds like it'd been interesting!!!!



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Aug 15, 2001
Southern Ohio
Yep, that was me. Really strange catch.
Always happens when I'm mobile too and not
in a postion to write it down.



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Mar 2, 2006
If you smelled a septic tank odor emmitting from your scanner speaker, it was Taft.
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