Grand County: Grant for more DTRS affiliation

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Oct 19, 2006
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My apologies if this is repeated information in the Forum. Grand County currently uses their EMS Tac channels quite a bit. Mostly EMS units checking in from the Denver area as they transport patients to SAC. Now looks like the county's fire services are going to join in.

For you expert FCC database people, any idea how soon the site discussed below atop Winter Park will be active?

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From the Sky-Hi Daily news:

Fire districts in Grand County will be implementing digital trunked radio.

East Grand Fire Chief Todd Holzwarth found out on Friday that the five districts collectively are receiving a regional grant from the Federal Emergency Management Association, or FEMA, for $991,230, with a 5 percent match paid out of the multiple fire district general funds in the amount of $52,170.

The $1.04 million will be used to improve communications among fire emergency responders and provide inter-operable communications on the Colorado state-wide digital trunked radio system, according to Holzwarth.

The new technology is an upgrade from the analogue VHF FM communication systems. Trunked radio is touted for its growing reliability anywhere in the state. The radio transmits by way of repeaters the way cell phones function with cell towers.

With the older technology, responders find the proper frequencies to communicate; the new technology finds needed frequencies automatically.

Responders can easily share information and coordinate with other emergency responders anywhere in the state where the same technology is used. Eventually, Hozwarth said, there will be a statewide radio system as more repeaters are put in place.

“We will be able to set up ways to talk to anyone, anywhere, no matter what,” Holzwarth said.

There are currently four repeater sits in Grand County with trunked radio systems at other responder agencies, but with about half of the FEMA funds, plans are in place to add another repeater at the Sunspot communications site at Winter Park Resort. The other half of the grant purchases mobile and portable radio equipment, Holzwarth said.

It's expected districts will start transitioning to the new technology by as early as late spring.
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