• Effective immediately we will be deleting, without notice, any negative threads or posts that deal with the use of encryption and streaming of scanner audio.

    We've noticed a huge increase in rants and negative posts that revolve around agencies going to encryption due to the broadcasting of scanner audio on the internet. It's now worn out and continues to be the same recycled rants. These rants hijack the threads and derail the conversation. They no longer have a place anywhere on this forum other than in the designated threads in the Rants forum in the Tavern.

    If you violate these guidelines your post will be deleted without notice and an infraction will be issued. We are not against discussion of this issue. You just need to do it in the right place. For example:

grand forks county sheriff dept.

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Mar 1, 2003
Crookston, MN
Frequency Input License Type Tone CH Description Mode
155.68500 154.75500 KAD798 RM 192.8 PL CH 5 Disp. Grand Forks S.O. Main FM
155.68500 154.75500 KAD798 RM apco-25 CH 6 Disp. Grand Forks S.O. Main FM
154.86000 KAD798 M CSQ Ch 7 APCO 25 ENCRYPT- CAR TO CAR FM
155.98500 153.93500 KAB623 RM 192.8 PL CH 8 East Grand Forks S.O. (Grand Forks) FM
155.98500 153.93500 KAB623 RM 192.8 PL CH 9 West Grand Forks S.O. (Larimore) FM
453.90000 458.90000 WNDZ397 RM MANY County Fire Paging FM
154.23500 WPIE789 BM County-Wide Emergancy Paging FM
451.05000 WNDZ398 FX County Fire Dispatch FM
154.17500 153.89000 KGY210 RM 192.8 PL Grand Forks Fire FM
155.26500 KDW813 BM Altru ambulance and E.O.D. (E.R.) FM
462.97500 467.97500 KDW813 RM CSQ EMS Paging / Paramedics FM
155.04000 153.86000 KDU576 RM CSQ Local Govt. Radio FM
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