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Grassfire Elk Grove West Stocton Command

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Mar 5, 2006
Sacramento CA
Grassfive, been going for sometime now ops on A8 (west Div). Poppy Command ops on A6. Copter 1 on scene. ops A8. Poppy Ridge and West Stockton. Unknown media on scene. location south of EG Regional Park. I'd guess that Copter 1 is picking up Water from the lake in the park for drops. 1509 hours Copter 1 released. enrout to Exec for fuel and then contacting Bat for help with injured person located near aquatic center. Ops on A9.

1516 hours Copter 1 released from Nimbus Command. Patient located and in care (Medic 32).

Dozer 1 on scene at West Stocton Command. Working fireline. They are Doing a PAR to check resources. Things seem to be toning down so I'll move to regular scanning.
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