GRE, Inc. & Alinco, Inc. Establish Distribution Agreement for North America for Alinc

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May 19, 2008
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GRE, Inc. & Alinco, Inc. Establish Distribution Agreement for North America for Alinc

Belmont, CA, March 1, 2010 -GRE, Inc and Alinco, Inc. today announced an agreement under which GRE America, Inc. will distribute, offer customer support, and provide warranty and non-warranty repair for radios and amplification equipment under the Alinco brand for all of North America. Both the Amateur Radio and Radio Scanning communities will benefit from the alliance of these great companies.

Under the agreement, GRE, Inc. will be the exclusive distributor of Alinco products in Canada, USA, and Mexico and will handle all warranty service and parts orders. GRE will also provide out-of warranty service as will other currently authorized Alinco service centers.

Wayne Wilson, WR5S, Executive VP at GRE said, “Alinco is an important and popular brand in the Amateur Radio community. Alinco has regularly been an innovator and Alinco products offer great value for the features. On the GRE side, GRE remains the preferred OEM/ODM for the largest retailer of scanners and remains the #1 manufacturer of scanners for over 40 years. GRE digital trunking scanners are recognized as best performing and easiest to program and to operate. No one knows scanning receivers better than GRE.”

Wayne continued, “GRE has designed and manufactured technical products for decades. To do that successfully, we had to provide excellent customer service – GRE has a lot to bring to the GRE/Alinco alliance. With Alinco’s great products, this marriage of product and service will be quickly recognized by the Amateur Radio community. Of course, GRE will continue to develop and manufacture the world’s most popular scanning receiver products as well. Since these products share much of the same distribution chain, we see huge benefits to dealers and customers, too.”

About GRE:
Established in 1961, GRE Inc. designs, manufactures and markets the GRECOM line of analog and digital scanning receivers. Additionally, GRE is the world’s #1 largest private label Original Equipment / Original Design Manufacturer of scanning receivers. GRE also produces industrial and consumer communication and electronic products for a many of the world’s leading electronic companies and governments.

About Alinco:

Established in 1970, Alinco, Inc. manufactures radio and amplification equipment, and in the Japanese market, metal products, construction equipment, and exercise equipment. Alinco introduced their communication products into the US Market over 20 years ago.

Contact: GRE, Wayne Wilson at (650) 591-1400
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