GRE PSR-400 VS Uniden BCT-15

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Jan 25, 2003
Somewhere On Earth
Ok here it is!
I have a Uniden 996 for my digital needs. I also have a BCT-15 that I love and suits my conventional needs. For civil aircraft and milair I use my trusty BC-785D and my Pro-2006. NOW, just for giggles and nothing else, I want another scanner for a base set up, as an additional conventional non trunking radio. So then, I have decided that I am either going to get another BCT-15 or try a GRE-PSR 400. I have no experience what so ever with this radio. I know the BCT-15 like the back of my hand. My question is directed at those of you who ARE in fact experienced in this particular radio. Is it worth the dough or should I just get another BCT-15? What are your opinions? As I stated before, Its just as a back up, just for the heck of it radio. However, I hate spending money on junk so lets hear it, the good, the bad, the ugly!.....

Thanks In Advance!

Not open for further replies.