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Jul 22, 2002
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I see that there's been some activity where some articles with tips for working with these scanners are being built. That's great, but unfortunately, due to the mish-moss of model numbers across 3 different distributors, it can be very confusing as to which scanners apply to what functions.

To assist with this, we have 2 templates that contain a cross reference between all 3 distributors. This will this help newcomers when they come across a model number that they might not recognize,

It would be appreciated if, somewhere in the article, you could insert the appropriate template. You can surround them with as much explanatory text as you like, but the more we standardize these references, the easier it will be to maintain them, particularly if Whistler comes out with a new model in the future. We don't want fragmentary articles with model numbers all over the place, as that would eventually become a headache to maintain.

To call them, you simply surround them with 'squiggly brackets' (I have absolutely no idea what they're called (heh)) like this;


{{Text SDObjectOrientedScannersTable}}

The first template is for the scanners that don't use a SD card; the second is for the ones that do.

Thanks to the folks that are working on this topic; the newcomers thank you too...Mike
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